At f1 Design Studio we believe that the right visual content can increase engagement which can turn into leads, and eventually converted to sales. We have a dedicated team to generate content using a combination of techniques such as 3D Product Design and Visualization, to product photography or videography. We can leverage our 3D Product Design to give a simple two dimensional draft design, a new life, which will level up the quality of your advertising, helping you reach larger audiences. 

Our company specialize in cosmetics, fragrances,  hard surface product presentation and architecture. 


Product Design & Visualization

From product photography, to 3d Visualisation. We create engaging images to help promote your products and increase engagement. 


Dialog repair, sound design, and media composing. We can create full scores for TV and Films with memorable motifs to enhance the viewer experience.


Video editing, color grading, visual effects, and anything in-between. In our studio we can handle all your post needs.

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  1. House of the Dragon TV Show Score 3:46
  2. Ukraine Special Dedications 4:49
  3. Corona Documentary Score 4:00
  4. Fairytale Film Score 2:58
  5. Diablo Game Score 2:57
  6. Cyberpunk 2077 Game Score 4:05
  7. How Long Film Score 4:53
  8. Let me Go Film Score 2:26
  9. Jingle Bells Special Dedication 3:43
  10. Sadness Timeless 4:27
  11. I Mina Händer Timeless 4:04
  12. Fading Away Timeless 3:22
  13. Winning Again Timeless 5:09
  14. Unconditional Feeling Timeless 6:21
  15. Last Tear Music Release 4:13
  16. Tell Me Sorry Film Score 3:11
  17. You and Me Film Score 3:29
  18. Stab Music Release 3:16

Our Team

Bill Profile Picture
Bill Kastanakis
3D Generalist | Composer

Bill is a visual artist since early 90’s. He has lived the evolution of 3D graphics thought his career since the early stage, and he has build expertise in different areas such as Modeling Lighting and Rendering. He is an expert in using different software packages such as SideFX Houdini for simulation, Maya and 3ds Max for modeling and animation, Nuke and Fusion for composting, Revit and Archicad for BIM, Substance Designer & Painter for texturing, Fusion 360 and Solidworks for hard surface modeling, DaVinci Resolve for grading and many others. He has build a number of pipelines for each stage of the production for the company to become more efficient and for our customers to get results of exceptional quality. Bill is also handing the Product Design and Architectural Visualization side of the business, discussing directly with customers the requirements. Bill has a passion for R&D and he spends a significant amount of time researching new technologies, from renderers to real time technologies.

His software engineering skillset is another highlight which is crucial to this company’s success since he can build in-house solutions when needed. Apart from creating, Bill enjoys spreading his knowledge and he written programming books, has an active YouTube channel that is focusing on coding. He has build mobile applications for one of the most important property portals in Ireland, and has deep understanding of the property business.



    Moyglare Road

    Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland